Complete paint solutions with top quality brands
  • Oz Gel
  • Blackline Imports
  • GPI
  • Spray Chief Imports
  • Concept Paints
  • Mobihel
  • Florite coatings
  • Haymes paint

With more than 30 years of trade experience matching colours in all fields, including automotive, marine, industrial and commercial, our paint technicians can pair you with the best products for your needs. We stock a variety of high quality paints by many Australian brands and only choose brands that produce the strongest product performance, to give you the best results. We’re a proud supplier of Concept Paints, a leading Australian paint manufacturer specialising in automotive and industrial coatings. Servicing South Australia and the Northern Territory, we specialise in providing friendly service.


Whether it’s for a touch-up or a full respray, we have all your automotive needs covered. With a full range of products to paint everything from a show car to a bus or trailer, you can be sure that we’re your number one stop for automotive paint and panel supplies, including automotive refinish and repair requirements. We can provide the crash repair industry as well as DIY enthusiasts with the right information to get the job done right the first time.


Our paint technicians can help you with all different types of residential paint supplies, from coating the outside of your home, to repainting bedroom walls or touching up various surfaces like windows, doors or skirting boards. We stock an extensive list of interior paints and coats varying from clean matte finishes to enamel glosses and textual effects, as well as water and oil based primers to make sure your surfaces look better than ever.


We not only have a large choice of automotive paints at JP’s Paint & Panel Supplies, but we’re also a proud supplier of marine paints from many of Australia’s leading brands. These coatings help to protect and brighten your vessel while keeping the paint weather and dent resistant. With our expertise, you can be confident that you’ve made the right choice in products for all your marine coating and painting projects.


The JP’s Paint & Panel Supplies team is here to help you with all your industrial and commercial painting needs. With a huge stock list of coatings varying from matte finishes to glosses, textual effects, and primers, we’ll help you to ensure an exceptional quality finish. Whether you’re painting a retail space, hospital, warehouse or something else entirely, our paint professionals can point you in the right direction of high quality products from leading paint brands.


To assist you in completing all kinds of painting projects, we offer an extensive range of useful accessories to make paint application easier and to promote its longevity. With so many products to choose from, and the fact that we choose to only offer brands that produce the strongest product performance, you can be confident that we have the right product for all your professional and DIY needs.

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